Communications - AC 800M Communication interfacesCI854A Classic

PROFIBUS DP is a high speed multipurpose bus protocol (up to 12Mbit/s) for interconnecting field devices, like remote I/O, drives, low voltage electrical equipment, and controllers. PROFIBUS DP can be connected to the AC 800M via the CI854A communication interface. The Classic CI854A includes two PROFIBUS ports to realize line redundancy and it also supports PROFIBUS master redundancy. The CI854B is the new PROFIBUS-DP master that replaces CI854A in new installations.

Master redundancy is supported in PROFIBUS-DP communication by using two CI854A communication interface modules. The master redundancy can be combined with CPU redundancy and CEXbus redundancy (BC810). The modules are mounted on a DIN rail and interface directly with the S800 I/O system, and other I/O systems as well, including all PROFIBUS DP/DP-V1 and FOUNDATION Fieldbus proficient systems.

The PROFIBUS DP must be terminated at the two outermost nodes. This is usually done by using connectors with built-in termination. To guarantee a correct working termination the connector has to be plugged and power supplied.

Features and benefits

  • Used for connecting remote I/O and fieldbus instruments via PROFIBUS DP
  • Possible to connect PROFIBUS PA to the CI854A/ CI854B via the PROFIBUS linking device LD 800P
  • The CI854A and newer CI854B can be set redundant